This beautiful pure soy candle is presented in a lovely gift box with a natural wood wick, it only contains essentials. The oils are chosen not only for their fragrance but also for their function. Each candle contains a selection of crystals. Please leave 1 cm of unburnt wax in the bottom of the jar to prevent overheating of the glass and potential cracking. As the soy wax is water soluble you can just wash your crystals and keep them.

This unique blend of essential oils include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary & Vetiver.

Chakra – Third Eye/brow. To perceive, to know, to understand.

Amethyst  Properties –total healer, all inclusive healing. Migraines, headaches, hyperactivity. Very Calming, can help with nightmares, aids meditation.

A great soy candle to mediate to as you will hear the crackling of the wood wick in a quite room.