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Grab these four incredible titles for just $50

Includes the following books:

Start with the End

“Discover yourself - Find your greatness - Get motivated”

START WITH THE END invites you to take a literary walk towards self-discovery, focusing on the contrast between being led by your ego and being guided by your true self. An inspirational read, START WITH THE END is a reminder that the connection we have with ourselves and the source/our soul is the most important aspect in living with clarity and purpose.
Focusing on the three most important resources we hold, our mind, imagination and passion, START WITH THE END brings to light how we can further use these towards living as the most authentic version of the self and achieve the greatness that we have come to share with the world.
Are you brave enough to start with the end?
“Everything is possible because we hold the keys to all doors we are meant to unlock and it is through our experiences that we come to this realization.“


The Journey 

A tale, an adventure and a journey leading Ruby far from home to Glastonbury. It is here where she is drawn by mystical energies she does not comprehend.

Looking through the tiny paned window of the quaint cottage she is lured by the vision of the moonlit Tor. Ruby could not shake the feeling of wonder and the deep connection that she had been here before.

That night she is drawn to the Tor, hypnotized by the majestic full moon, the pulse of the earth and the softly illuminated labyrinth that appeared before her.

The Journey will lead Ruby within herself to witness, embrace and honor her truth.

It is here she will delve deep within her essence to reveal her connection with the elementals AIR,EARTH,FIRE and WATER, her past, her life and memories, revealing why she has been chosen.

A beautiful feast for the imagination.


Searching for Love

This book will take you on a journey of understanding; how love and its emotions affect us, and why we keep searching for it. We’ll explore the magic and joy that it brings into our life, the mistakes we make when we love the wrong people, and the roller coaster ride it takes us on. Some of what we will share in this book:

Online dating and traditional matchmaking agencies, and how they operate, with tips on how to use online profiles to your advantage.

Healing from loss, and what makes us vulnerable.

Dating over 50 and how it can be the beginning of a wonderful new adventure.
The younger generations’ struggle with relationships and self-worth issues, and why they are becoming depressed about their search for love and happiness.
Infidelity, the repercussions, and what happens when there is third-party love.
Is monogamy possible?

Let’s explore what this word LOVE means to us; it’s pure form and its distorted version, and the lengths we will go to find it.



Tara Richards used to be a strong confident woman with a powerful job. Men used to curse at her entrance and bend like daisies in the wind to her every thought, decision or command. Now she is unhappy, sitting in the gutter crying… Tara devoted her life to her boys and in return, without realising, has alienated herself from those around her. Tara's husband, Jim, is a successful sheep farmer but he has become uncommunicative to his family, including his wife. James is their eldest child, at eight years old. He has become quiet, solitary and has withdrawn from everyone, including his mother.

Ever happy, talkative Bobby with his big smiling eyes is six years old. He talks of his many friends and of conversations with his unborn sibling. They live on a farm in the small town of Karitane, Otago, New Zealand - approximately half an hour north of Dunedin. Then there is Carl, a widower, and his friendship with Tara.

Tara finds out she is pregnant. Who will Tara choose? Who is the baby’s father? And what happens on Puketeraki Beach on that sunny Sunday September afternoon that will change all their lives forever…

This novel is about communication and lack of, past choices creating the now and the now creating the future and choosing to live rather than survive.


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