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The Fearless Four are Thomas and his best friends, Zac, Cameron and Josh. When they get together, fun (and) adventure just happens!

The Mysterious Bottle

 In their first story, the boys find an unusual bottle, which they hope will bring them fame and fortune, but we know things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Instead, they find themselves trying to get the genie back in the bottle!

A Horse Called Lucky

In this story, the boys find a lost foal and Thomas names her Lucky. Thomas is hoping he can keep Lucky but he has to convince his Dad. One day Thomas gets to race Lucky in a beginner’s race for horses but he hasn’t counted on Tyson and his horse Beast or the boys from the motorcycle gang.

Happy Halloween

In this adventure, the boys are dared by their mates to go into the old Thompson house. It’s supposed to be haunted but the boys are confident they can get into the house and out again without any trouble. Oh, it also just happens to be the night of Halloween.

Book One ONLY is available here: The Mysterious Bottle 

Book Two ONLY is available here: A Horse Called Lucky

Book Three ONLY is available here: Happy Halloween

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