Dogs Don't Cook and what we can learn from them | Regine Kohler

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Pets, especially dogs and cats have become not only our constant companions, but also acting as fun friends and antidepressants. They can be partners at work - as guard animals and helpers on farms, guide dogs for the blind, or companions for autistic children. Let's not to forget the fact that they encourage us to exercise, taking them for walks and spending time outdoors with them.

Watching a puppy or kitten play lifts the spirit and is far more entertaining than any tv program! In a nutshell they intimately share our lives, and are subject to how aware we are of health and safety in this technological age.

Having worked as a naturopath for many years, and having had nature as my teacher, I am keenly aware and mindful of the pitfalls of life that most of us lead, exposed to so much advertising, confusing to say the least!

My aim is to bring common sense into daily life, and straighten up a few facts. In Dogs Don't Cook, I explain how bodies and minds function as well as exposing some of the deceptions of the pet industry. My aim is to help you to care for, and keep your pet healthy and save you money along the way.

A healthy body is also a healthy mind, not only for humans but for our furry friends as well, so we may enjoy and share a happy, long life with our animals!

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