The TAROT - An Astrological Journey Through the Major Arcana

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Take an enchanted journey through the 22 Major Arcana cards of the ancient mysteries, whose hidden meanings carry beautiful & life-changing messages for each of the zodiac signs. Open your mind, intuitive powers & imagination to the Tarot & you can change your life through the powerful messages it has to offer!
In this powerful, magical & life-affirming book, Lani Sharp, an esoteric Astrologer & Tarot reader of 33 years' experience, offers profound insights, wisdom & guidance that you can easily apply to your very own deeply personal journey. She brings the lessons of the characters, meanings & inherent symbolism in each of the Major Arcana cards to life. Describing symbolism, imagery, meanings, numbers, key themes, messages, archetypes, and how each card intricately relates to the zodiac & all areas of the life experience, these beautiful pages will open you up to vast otherworlds, new possibilities & compel you to uncover & explore your own personal mysteries so that you may live in a more self-aware, fulfilling & deeply enriched way!
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