Our Chakra Balancing soy Melt 6 pack is a unique blend of 7 essential oils, one for each Chakra. We lovely infuse our pure soy wax with 7 types of crystals for this melt, same crystals we use in the Chakra balancing soy candles. Use freely whenever you are feeling out of sorts or need calming and centering. This will help with restore emotional balance, relaxation and mental clarity. You should enjoy around 15 hours burning time with each soy melt cube.

Crown – Rosemary – Clear Quartz

Third Eye – Patchouli – Amethyst

Throat – Lavender – Blue Quartz

Heart – Rose Geranium – Peridot

Solar Plexus – Ylang Ylang – Citrine

Sacral – Sandalwood – Carnelian

Base – Vetiver – Garnet