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You have the choice to create a better life for yourself. By clearing your negative thoughts, you can reconnect with your true essence and get back the real you: you notice your confidence improve and your life become more meaningful and joyful.

Negative thoughts can keep you stuck and can have you feeling that circumstances are beyond your control. Get Back the Real You explains how to clear negative thoughts from your thinking. It is through the process of clearing your negative thoughts that you will discover more about yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Get Back the Real You is the result of more than twenty five years of personal growth and study. This book guides you on how to change your life without the need for force or strong willpower. All you need is a desire for a more fulfilling life. It will be up to you to do the work. This book will be challenging and captivating for you the reader, as you are shown the way. Know you are in safe hands.

“This method is a good way to get to the cause of the negative thought”, Zofia Di Stefano, PRH educator.

“Inspiring… excellent … well written. The streaming technique is a great idea.” Frances, Melbourne

“I finished reading your book and loved it! I have started doing streaming and although I haven’t quite perfected my technique it has been helpful for me as I suffer from anxiety and depression so thank you for writing such a good and helpful book.“ Ruby, Melbourne

”A very helpful and very insightful book”, Dennis Nicolle, author and educator.

About the Author:

Pia is a writer, inventor, business owner, Pilates instructor, coach, and mother of two boys. She draws on her encounters of meeting and teaching people from all walks of life and shares her personal experiences including moving away from an emotional abusive marriage and twenty years of bulimia. She hopes to motivate and inspire you to create the life you want for yourself.