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Tegan is an intuitive artist living in Ballarat, Australia and published author of the Self-Discovery Inspirational Card deck. Tegan works to inspire others to explore within to heal and grow, both through her artworks and in sharing her own healing journey from depression.

Tegan is excited to share her gifts to help others overcome the challenges life brings by promoting connection within.

There is generally up to a day waiting period on all bookings.

To find out more about Tegan, you can visit her Facebook page here or on her website



Intuitive Guidance via Video Recording

Working with various energies including multiple card decks, crystals and intuitive drawing, Tegan will provide you with a video recording of your intuitive guidance, for you to view in your own time.

Tegan uses her own Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck together with healing energies in each session, bringing healing and inspiring elements to your guidance. Each session begins with a blank page where Tegan will add pictures, affirmations or other elements as another intuitive tool to communicate your guidance to you, which also provides you something to look back on and refer to.

 30 minute session

  • Duration of your video recorded intuitive guidance will be approximately 30 minutes
  • You will receive a link to download your video recording onto your selected device (i.e. computer, tablet, phone etc).
  • You will also receive a digital picture of the page that is completed during your session.
  • Your intuitive guidance session can be comprised of 1 question/situation or general guidance.


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