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Isabella is an Energy Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant. She works with a number of different energies including an Atlantian Priestess, Shades from the Shadow Realms, Dragons and Fae, and Galactics from the Pleiades. Isabella advises that clients connect through email to make appointments two to three weeks in advance of a session and that they detail which service they would like. Different services have differing degrees of effort and difficulty attached to them and require that she prepares in certain ways. All Shadow Energy and Vampire Healing sessions will be booked on one day while Light (Atlantian) Healings and Mediumship sessions will be on another. 

There is generally up to a 2-3 week waiting period on all bookings.



Intuitive Healings                     

- Shadow Healing $90 (1 hour)

- Vampire Healing $90 (1 hour)

- Atlantian High Priestess (standard) Healing $80 (1 hour)

- Atlantian Relaxation Session $75 (1 hour)


Oracle Card Readings

- Half an Hour $45

- One Hour $80

- Double Deck Reading $90 (1 Hour only)


Channelled Personal Dragon Drawings

- $50 (1 hour)


Mediumship Sessions

- $50 (half an hour)

- $65 (an hour)

* Note: Mediumship may be animal, relative or spirit guide.


House Clearings

- $200 - $250 (depending on time and difficulty) 


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