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Justine is a spiritual coach. She helps her clients create emotional freedom and discover personal truth so they are able to conquer the world without the weight of it holding them down. 

There is generally up to a 7 day waiting period on all bookings.

To find out more about Justine, you can visit her on Facebook or at her website


Spiritual Coaching Session:

Coaching around your spiritual healing through intuition, spirituality, philosophy & universal law.

Spiritual teachings and mentoring around spirit guides, angels, and consciousness.

More clarity and support around your spiritual awakening.

Clearer idea of spiritual gifts and how to use them.

Knowledge around how to identify difficult emotions and how to transform blocks in your healing journey.

Empath support and how to manage the difficult emotions and gifts that come with along with it.

MODERN DAY MIRACLES!!! Also known as.... shifts from fear to love in all areas of life!


Intuitive Soul Session:

Empower your intuition to live a more aligned life.

Discover your personal truth and the essence of who you are.

Learn what your soul passions and purposes are.

Become conscious of what feels good so you can live intuitively every day.


Angel Card Reading:

Gain clarity in life, career, and love.

Empower your own relationship with your intuition.

Receive intuitive guidance.


Crystal Healing Session:

 Gain clarity about the connection between crystals and chakras.

 Learn about the different crystals and their specialties.

 Receive healing from the energetic properties of crystals.

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