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Mary Keena Donnellan lives in Co Galway, Ireland.  She is an angel card reader offering spiritual guidance and help on your life's path. She is also an author.  Her first book Coincidences...or are they? was guided by Spirit to help others open up to their signs and synchronicities just as they had taught Mary to do. Mary has completed and been trained through many workshops, meditation groups, card reading groups and has been reading since 2010. 

Her readings give down to earth guidance on how to help you on your life's path, how to help yourself move forward and clear old patterns and family traits.  She does not foretell the future as she believes that we all create our own futures by the choices we make.  She will help you see the bigger picture more clearly.  There is a process we all go through in life, one step at a time and her readings highlight the next step and bring your attention to what you need to focus on.

There is generally up to a 2-3 day waiting period on all bookings.

To find out more about Mart, you can visit her on Facebook or at her website



General Reading:

In this reading our angels send me the messages that you need to receive to help you on your way to your next step.  Before choosing any cards, in the longer in-depth reading, I tune into Spirit and ask for any words, sentences or visions that they might like to draw to your attention. I will channel the message on screen for you as it comes through.  I then follow up by using many cards from many decks, and receive intuitive messages as I write or speak.  There may be added help with book recommendations, nutritional help, therapists in your area, shops or websites that may help, lots of teaching and information as well as your messages.  It is a very informative and helpful reading.  By email or video.  

Twin Flame Reading:

Being a twin flame myself, I have been avoiding the label of twin flame because no one is any more special than anyone else, no path is any more special than another path. I will however offer twin flame readings which will focus on you mostly and your present life, how you can help yourself move forward towards your twin flame, divine partnership, soulmate union. I will include a small section in the reading where I will choose some cards to give a little insight into what is going on in your combined energies.

Ancestral Healing Reading:

I also offer an ancestral healing email or video reading. It is a shorter reading than the in-depth reading and uses just the ancestral healing deck.

Personal Mentorship Programme:

The AIM is to help you along your path and to keep you focused on  your spiritual healing thus giving you tools which will stand  to you over the rest of your journey.
It is intended to give you a determination to ascend higher and to fulfil your life purpose to the highest degree and to bring more love, peace, joy and harmony into your life and to those around you. The intention behind setting up this programme is that you have someone to walk with you side by side every day, over a four week period as the teachings are that it takes 28 days to adopt a new discipline into your life. It is available for one, two or three weeks too of course if that is something that is calling to you.
Please see here for pricing: https://www.angeliclifeguidance.com/p/personal-mentorship-programme.html

Short Check In Reading:

A new offering for those of you who would like a short reading to check-in with the universe as to what you need to focus on or be reminded of. I love these kinds of readings myself, have had many of them from others over the years and they have pepped me up immediately.  



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