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It’s not every day that a girl finds out that her Father is an Archangel.

Berenike was a normal everyday business owner. Her life had been mundane up until the day the stranger with the hypnotic stare came to visit her. In a freak accident, Berenike finds her human life at an end and her new life in Heaven more amazing than she had ever dreamed. When she discovers that she is a child of Gods light, whose birth right is to defend the Heavens, she embarks on a journey full of adventure, forgiveness, love and the fight to gain control of Heaven and topple Gods throne. When Berenike meets the Archangel Gabriel, he not only becomes her mentor but the greatest love she has ever known.

“Look around, I want you to see what I see.”  She did as he asked. As she looked down beneath her, she could see the inhabitants of her new home. She looked out across the Heavens. She could feel the love that was within each heart, the children laughing as they frolicked with their pets in the fields, and an abundance of angelic beings that radiated the light from God.  “Berenike this is what I’m fighting for, what we all must fight for. You’re a part of this world now, a part of my world.” She hugged him a little tighter. “Heaven must exist, without it there is nothing but darkness. The balance must remain!” Gabriel worried enough for them both, with what was to come. All he could think of was how to keep her safe from harm’ 

Can Berenike save the Morningstar, or will she turn to darkness?

Join Berenike and the Archangels as they battle Gods original creation, as the fight to control the Heavens begins.

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