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Rosa Carrafa is an author, artist, spiritualist, and inspirational speaker. She provides tarot and oracle readings, as well as grief and bereavement support and devotional faith guidance.

There is generally up to a 21 day waiting period on all bookings.

To find out more about Rosa, you can visit her Facebook page here

Rosa is deeply connected via personal experiences in relationship and family situations. In particular, to the feeling of loss in death and the process of grief. How it affects yourself, your children, family, colleagues and friends. During these times of confusion, Rosa will ease and work alongside you to reach that place that is inside of you that craves peace and freedom. The Glory, although seems a distant away, is the very thing that Rosa will guide you towards. There is no form of judgement, nor the insecurities that you may feel when it comes to freedom of expression. Rosa comes from a lineage of empathetic and compassionate souls and eases into this vocation as a Devotional Faith guide, naturally. Rosa has appeared on Australian Television, offering guidance to the general public. She is fluent in both Italian and English. Her translation of the Italian cards and the traditional tarot are clear and her patience is evident. As a mentor she sees each one as an individual and treats you as one. She is An Accredited Member of the World Metaphysical Association. Rosa is passionate about the power of prayer and meditation. As an author, Rosa is creative and expressive. Rosa is much sought after as an International tarot reader and speaker in her area of expertise

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