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Sundi Sturgeon’s unique approach and gift is to empower her clients to reach their highest potential in a loving and safe environment. She provides her clients with tools necessary to obtain a coherent fulfilled state of being. Sundi’s loving and accepting presence is felt in her nurturing embrace.

Her clients describe Sundi as a truly gifted “Earth Angel.” Sundi’s passion stems from her life lessons and travails, including traumatic health challenges, overcoming cancer, fibromyalgia, and a variety of addictions and abuses, marked with two near-death experiences.

Through her personal dark night of the soul experience, Sundi birthed a new belief system inspiring her discovery of unrealized potential, self worth and personal empowerment. Sundi Sturgeon is a Certified Reiki

Master, Intuitive Empath/Healer, CHT, NHC, a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Practitioner, currently enrolled in a doctorate program. Sundi will complete her doctorate in integrative medicine with a focus in holistic/quantum medicine in 2016.

Sundi is a wife, mother and grandmother who is devoted to caring for all Earth’s living beings. She is a resident of Kihei, Maui, where she lives with her husband, Joseph. As Quantum Energy Healing practitioners they co-founded the Holistic Light Rejuvenation Center, an educational and charitable organization promoting holistic and cellular rejuvenation services. Sundi’s story has been included in the books, Women On a Mission, Pink Think, Grow Richer, Activating the DNA of Wealth, In the Presence of Angels, Karen Tants, and Doreen Virtue’s latest book, How To Get Your Life Back, 40 Women Luminaries Share Intimate Stories of Spiritual Awakening: Illuminate Your Joy and Sundi will publish her upcoming book, Warrior Woman to Angel Wings, in 2016.

There is generally a 5-7 day waiting period on all bookings.

To find out more about Sundi, you can visit her on Facebook here



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