The End of All Things – Isabella Frost

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I'm going to die... He's coming to take me and I'm going to die...I couldn't get my thoughts around that knowledge, couldn't bring myself to say the words aloud. A truly evil end had been promised to me and now I could see it approaching with every vicious second that passed me in my cold prison...

Two years have passed since the Shadow Lord imprisoned Princess Leander in the west tower of Castle Ortagaad, leaving her to suffer horrific tortures while awaiting his promised end. As she reaches her twenty-first year the reality of her fate becomes too heavy for the young woman to endure and she decides she can no longer wait for the Guardians to rescue her. Suddenly, Leander is on the run across the frozen north as the Witches of Raven's Rest hunt her, only her pendant left to help her escape the dark designs of her captor that could mean not only her death but the end of the world itself...

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