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The Secret Life of Babies reveals how humans are sentient before conception and throughout gestation and birth, and presents scientific evidence and case studies that show the effects that these prebirth and birth experiences have on personal health and social development. Mia Kalef cites evidence showing how, unless addressed, we retain and often replay unwanted early experiences throughout life – in the form of emotional and physical challenges ranging from pain to suicide to drug addiction.

A bold affirmation of sentience before conception and in the womb, The Secret Life of Babies reveals Kalef’s groundbreaking findings, which are organized around 4 provocative principles in the science of consciousness. First, babies can remember their earliest experiences. Second, this consciousness precedes the physical development of the brain itself. Third, Kalef deftly argues that technological medical interventions – and, by extension, estrangement from nature and pervasive violence in contemporary culture – imprint our relationships with the world and disconnect us from our sustainable place in the ecosystem. Finally, she provides a 6-step protocol for detecting these individual imprints and taking reparative steps for physiological and emotional balance and release. With a foreword by innovative psychotherapist Andrew Feldmár, The Secret Life of Babies offers an articulate guide to a transformation meant to restore us to our essential nature.