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Approximately 30-45 minutes in length. You may ask up to three questions/areas of focus if you wish. This reading may include intuited guidance, the use of cards, channeled messages from Spirit and loved ones who have passed, past life information, and guidance regarding your energy/any healing required.

About Readings:

When giving readings, I first ask Spirit to provide me with guidance on how I can best help the person I am reading for, and ask them to give me the answers to what you most need to know right now. These messages may come from my Spirit Guides or yours, or from loved ones on the Other Side. Alternatively, guidance may come through from other entities (eg Ascended Masters, Angels). In addition to intuited guidance, I may use just one, or a mixture of different cards, or I may not use cards at all. I sometimes use automatic writing as a way of connecting with Spirit. It is important to mention that no matter what arises for you in a reading, you always have free-will. You need to remember that your reading is based on your current situation and state of mind, and you always have the power to change that.

Email, live chat, or phone

Unless otherwise stated, please allow up to 21 days to receive your reading