When Being Left is Right

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When Being Left is Right is a beautiful twining story that dives deeply into the layers of childhood abandonment and the equally traumatic experience of making the decision to leave children behind. Here two women, once strangers, are destined to meet as they unravel their stories with each other and become the mirror for each other’s pain and healing. Their narrative explores aspects of the mother-child relationship, and the level of emotional disruption that can occur for both mother and child when this relationship is suddenly severed. It highlights the many ways in which healing can occur, by bearing witness to both sides of the story and listening deeply to an inner wisdom, accessed through dreams, meditation and soulful connection. Theirs is a story that explores the breadth of possibilities in the psychological healing of deep emotional wounds that have persisted throughout time, and the many ways in which the creative powers of the unconscious can rise to show us our own magical story.

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