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Zahra'a is a qualified Reiki and Pellowah teacher/Practitioner, a member of Australian Reiki Connection Inc (ARC Inc), Angel therapy practitioner and Certified Angel Life Coach.

There is generally up to a 7 day waiting period on all bookings.

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Reiki Healing:

Reiki is the traditional Japanese hands on healing method, where the practitioner channels energy to the client's body through his/her hands. Distance healing is available.

Pellowah Healing:

Pellowah was founded in 2003 by Kachina Ma’an and was brought as a tool for enlightenment, yet there are incredible results in the physical level when used as a healing method. Distance healing is available.

Pellowah Workshop (Level 1-2):

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​Pellowah Level 1 : you will learn about this healing modality and you will receive the attunement necessary to become a practitioner. You will then be able to give treatments to family, friends, clients and animals.

Pelowah Level 2 : it is a spiritual workshop for your personal growth and expansion. You will learn about Pellowah symbols and will receive attunement to connect to the higher part of you, and through this connection, bring higher vibrational energy into your everyday life.

Reiki (Level 1-3):

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Reiki Level 1: In the Reiki Level 1 workshop (Shoden) ​you will learn about this healing modality and you will receive the attunements necessary to start healing yourself. You can also give treatments to your family and friends. However, you will not be practitioner until you complete level 2. In this level also, you will learn techniques in which you will create your daily practice upon. This practice will help you heal yourself and strengthen your connection with energy.

Reiki Level 2: In the Reiki Level 2 workshop (Okuden) you will learn about Reiki symbols and mantras, how and why we use them with Reiki. You will also receive the attunements necessary to use the symbols to become a practitioner and perform distance healing. In this level, you will add upon your Reiki practice. You will notice after this level that you are connected to higher levels of the Reiki energy.

Reiki Level 3: In the Reiki Level 3 workshop (Shinpiden) you will be introduced to another Reiki symbol that is so powerful to be used in healing. After this level, you will have the opportunity to open more and more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and to develop the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy.

Also In this workshop you will learn how to perform attunements and reiju to attune your students –if you want to become a teacher – in the future. You will receive guidance of the best ways to use the universal energy and how to become a teacher.

Codes for Change Workshop (Parts 1 and 2):

Codes For Change and Acceleration is a modality Channelled by Kachina Ma'an. It is unique, simple, powerful and efficient new technology for personal and spiritual growth.

Codes for change held in two parts, in each one students will learn and be attuned to 13 codes, but these parts are not prerequisites for each other, which mean you can study part two before part one.

Psychic Development Workshop (Level 1-4):

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